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How Do Mobile Detailers Get Water


How Do Mobile Detailers Get Water

Maybe you are one of the many people out there asking how mobile detailers get water. Well, before answering this important question, it is worth considering what mobile detailing is.

Mobile detailing refers to the act of doing a detailed cleaning, restoration, and finishing of auto to make show-quality cleanliness and polish. Mobile detailing jobs can be performed on a car’s interior or exterior.

Mobile detailing is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a professional service that brings the vehicle wash right where you are. Mobile detailing has turned out to be more common over the past couple of years as a lot of people have increasingly busy lives and make use of this service to exchange a bit more cash for a lot of time saved.

What Mobiles Detailers Do?

Mobile detailing is precisely what it sounds like- a specialized service which brings a top to bottom auto detail straight to your location. This service has become very popular in the past few years as car owners look to spend a bit more cash in exchange for time saved. There are diverse choices to think of about mobile detailing.

Traditional or Waterless

There are many companies that provide full-blown auto washes, packing a portable pressure washer into an equipped van. This choice offers a traditional and thorough wash getting the auto high-pitched clean from top to bottom.

As this service has more equipment as well as overhead needs, they are costlier than the other option available.

A waterless utilized an extremely lubricated formulation with mild cleaning agents to stain-free the surface of your car without a bucket and hose. Conventionally these products have some risk of paint bruises; however, recent developments in technology allow state-of-the-art products to sum up dirt and grit to be cleared away without causing any damage. Provided that the service provider uses precaution and the car is not too dirty, a waterless car wash will get the auto looking stunning at less premium than the conventional way.

How Do Mobile Detailers Get Water

What Kind of Water Do Mobile Detailers Use

With regards to mobile detailing, the essential part of the task is the water that is utilized. 

Water is the base of the service, and if usual tap water is utilized, mobile detailers will need to deal with hard water spots. This could be difficult, particularly if they’re working during hot days. Magnesium and calcium in tap water can lead to drying your car’s finish, and usually, it takes a special type of chemicals to eliminate.

Not just is this annoying and burdensome, but it is an additional step they will need to take that, in the end, can affect the overall profit margins since they’re taking up so much time and materials only to eliminate stains caused by hard water.

Di water or Deionized water is passed in a resin bed to neutralize the electrical charge of metals or ions it has. When this takes place, water can’t conduct electricity.

In order to carry this out, two kinds of resin beds can be utilized; the first is the cation bed and the mixed bed. 

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis water is usually microfiltered in a membrane filter which eliminates an array of contaminants like minerals, viruses, VOCs, and a whole lot more.

 It also eliminates water treatment plants’ chemicals to sanitize drinking water, like chloramines and chlorine. The challenge with this kind of filtration for mobile detailers would be the amount of water required.

Another choice of water for mobile detailing is soft water.

How Do Mobile Detailers Get Water

The simplest way to utilize soft water for mobile detailers is to make use of a portable water softener. With the help of this portable water softener, a mobile detailer would not have to bring his water supply, and he can just link it to the water source and then connect a pressure washer. 

This kind of water doesn’t have hard minerals like magnesium and calcium. This is likely through ion exchange. What takes place is tap water comes into the softener and reaches small resin beads, which are ionically charged by salt, and if it passes by, the resin will replace salt for minerals. So, the portable softener’s water is now free of minerals. 

Do Mobile Car Detailers Use their Own Water?

Yes. A lot of mobile car detailers use their own water. Some use the best type of water for the best and high quality results. Some mobile detailers rinse cars with distilled water over washing the whole car with it. Car detailers know that rinsing using distilled water is a refreshing approach to avoid hard water sports. What is more, it only means no need to eliminate the buildup of minerals using a separate product manually.

Do Mobile Car Detailers Use Your Water

Yes. If the detailing is happening at your residence, then detailers will be using your own water. However, this can lessen the rate of the service offered.

Do Mobile Detailers Need a Hose?

As a mobile detailer, a water source may be needed if you utilize products that need it. If you’re going or opting for waterless, a hose will not be necessary. You need to be aware of the local water restrictions as well as make sure to follow what is needed.

Once you detail the residence of your clients utilizing the water source, there should not be an issue. Sooner or later, you can upgrade as well as acquire a water tank. Once you do the detailing at the apartment or business premises parking lot, you may be able to get consent to utilize water hookups.

Get a super lightweight hose that has quick aluminum connectors. This will make it fast and simple when changing from pressure washer to foam equipment and typical spray. 

How much is a water tank for Mobile Detailing?

There are many types and sizes of water tanks for mobile detailing, which can affect the price.

A 50-gallon water tank is considered the smallest and ideal when starting a business. This water tank will cost you $100. The number of cars you can wash is one to two; it depends on how grimy and dirty the car is.

A 100-gallon water tank is perhaps one of the most popular, and in fact, almost every car mobile detailing opts to this size. This is also a perfect size for utilizing pressure water. This only weighs almost 1,000 pounds if full of water and only big enough where you might feel a bit trailer sway when it’s full with water. This will cost you $200.

For many car mobile detailers, 250 Gallon Water Tanks will be more than you need; however, if you have a two-axle open trailer that is able to handle the weight, this is something that you have to consider. This will cost you $300 or more. 

What kind of water tank do I need for mobile detailing?

If you’re engaged in-car mobile detailing, you just need five gallons of water for every use. 

Each detailing application just makes use of three gallons of water for every cash wash. For all purposes and intents, basically, this is a waterless wash.

You can opt for a poly water tank. This is a low-profile water tank perfect for the car mobile detailer workings out of a truck. Additionally, if space is saved in vans and trailers, if limited space is available. This type of water tank also comes with molded slots for the tie-down strap, so this is secure and safe.

What is the Best Portable Water Softener?

When it comes to the water softener, choose only the best, like the Portable RV Water Softener 16,000-Grain PRO Premium Grade, Trailers, Boats, Mobile Car Washing, High Flow 3/4” GH Ports. This is an amazing portable water softener that supplies about forty percent extra softer water than other products from the premier company, top-performing, well-priced water softener available today. 

This car mobile softener gets rid of hard water when on the road or on the sea and is perfect for professional mobile car detail or carpet cleaners. 

It comes with tough and hard-wearing brass fittings, polyethylene shell wrapped in a fiberglass as well as a shielding neoprene jacket; this one will stand many years. All parts were made expertly as well as assembled with extra care.

Conclusion How Do Mobile Detailers Get Water

Picking the best size of water tank for the car mobile detailing business is not that hard. You just have to know the important factors, and you are ready to get one that will fit and meet your needs. 

However still, everyone’s needs are different, and you may want a smaller or bigger water tank; it all depends on your particular requirements and methods utilized when washing cars. 

Any water tank between fifty and 100 gallons is ideal for each car’s mobile detailing business. And when it comes to a water softener, just choose only the best, Portable RV Water Softener 16,000 Grain PRO Premium Grade, Trailers, Boats, Mobile Car Washing, High Flow 3/4” GH Ports is the best one.


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